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Whether I do all my work or not, my stitch time is a no brainer. However, I find there are times when I am exhausted to the point I fall asleep with my stitching in my lap having to frog everything I stitched the night before the next day. Waking up this morning realizing everything I stitched last night needed frogging, I come to the realization I need to revamp my schedule.

My husband worked overseas for eight years, and he came home when Covid-19 forced everyone back to the states earlier this year. What an adjustment! I love having him home with me, yet we bump heads on everything; right down to not throwing my razor out because he thinks I need a new one. I have to admit, I do not have as much personal time now that he is home.

Last month, my 95 year old mother came to permanently stay with us. She is diabetic needing her insulin everyday, and she often thinks it’s all right to miss her shot once in a while. So, I am now responsible to making sure she gets her shot everyday. She also needs something from the store almost everyday (yogurt, graham crackers, etc.). So, I am constantly needing to stop here or there to pick up whatever she needs for the day. Don’t get me wrong! Her coming to live with us was my idea, and I do not regret one-second of her being with me everyday, so I know she gets the care she needs.

The point I am making is that I desperately realized this morning something has to change for me to be able to maintain my business and get my stitching fix each day.

One of the most important things I experienced is the feeling of burnout shortly when things came to a head. I lost motivation in almost everything I enjoy doing in my life. This is a sure sign that I need some personal time or space. I am a choreographed style person. I do the same thing the same way everyday in order to allow me to get to the important things in life. I am all about personal time and space. My schedule changed the minute my husband came home. Life can get in the way to where you are overworked and underpaid; thus you will experience burnout! When you get to this point, you have to rediscover yourself or at least something you enjoy doing in life.

This part is easy for me; I love to stitch! However, I had become bored with stitching and lost interest. This is just not me! I am passionate about my stitching so much so I crave it each day. It means my sanity to me. Yet, my mother likes to watch GRIT channel everyday, and my husband likes to join her. I am constantly getting up and down to get her medicine or water or so on. My stitch time is no longer my stitch time. This goes on sometimes up to 11pm. I am not complaining, but I have to resolve this if I am going to be able to continue enjoying my stitch time.

I do not want to stitch in another area of the house. And, I do not want to change my schedule because I enjoy stitching at the end of the day. It helps me relax from all the work and running around I do everyday. I enjoy the freedom of stitching into the wee hours of the morning if I am up to it. I feel if we had different furniture, I could easily put my stitching down and do whatever sudden chore that comes up.

Changing the furniture would not be the answer now that I think about it. I just have to make a time I sit down and stitch and no-one bother me. Lily Herman over at The Muse recommends with something scheduled to make sure personal time happens. So, I have to let everyone know that at a certain time of day is my stitch time, and I am unavailable.

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