Stitchy GoodnessCathedral Woods Goddess by Nora Corbet

Today’s article is about using silk threads in our cross stitch. I am new to cross stitch, so you may be an experienced stitcher who knows all about these wonderful threads. If you are new to cross stitching, this article is for you! Experienced stitchers are welcome to chime in with any additional information that I do not include in today’s article…please.

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous day, and if you are not, you should! You know why? Because you can. I love this quote from Omar GoshTV because we have the choice regardless of what is going on in our life, we must find the silver lining for our mental and emotional health.

Cathedral Woods Goddess by Nora Corbet

Recently, one of my dearest subscribers gifted me with a strand of Dinky Dye Silk threads. It is the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me, thoughtful and well received. I planned a trip to visit my daughter, and my goal was to visit a cross stitch shop near where she lives, but I soon found that the shop was not a brick and mortar but an online warehouse. I brought with me my Mirabilia to match up some silk threads, so I was a bit taken back.

I began to search out where I could purchase these beautiful threads for my project, but I soon also realized not many shops carry them. Dinky Dye threads are 6 stranded silk thread manufactured in Asia. Dinky Dye Threads say they specially picked the company that manufacturers their thread that comes in 8 meters in length.

Dinky Dye Silks are colorfast, so if you think you will need to wash your project after stitching you want to prewash your threads before beginning your project. Make sure to check with your local needlework shop to see if they carry these beautiful threads and if they have the color you are looking for your project.

I am working to kit up my Mirabilia Cathedral Woods Goddess from Nora Corbet! My goal is to stitch her on 32 count Country French Latte Linen and use Dinky Dye Silk thread. I purchased the beads for the kit, so I just need to match the threads and linen.

These are the recommended DMC colors – 407, 433, 434, 561, 754, 819, 898, 935, 948, 964, 993, 3371, 3687, 3829, 3848(2), and 3689.

I will be kitting this up which is my first time kitting up a project of this magnitude. I am going to take it slow, and I checked the shops near me that do not carry Dinky Dye thread, so I am looking at a shop on Etsy called The Thread Gatherer that has beautiful silk threads with over 2000 5 star reviews. I think I should buy the DMC floss first so I can compare the colors easier.

I am so looking forward to stitching her. My goal is to begin stitching on my birthday which is March 26th. I have until then to gather the necessary threads and decide if I am going to use the fabric I have in my stash or purchase the recommended linen. I will be checking back into this post as I proceed forward with any threads I decide to switch out with silk.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this article helps anyone who may be considering stitching this beautiful pattern!


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