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Each week I am learning something new to help me improve my well being mentally, emotionally, and physically. One of the most vivid lessons I learn is through listening to Abraham Hicks explain what our main intention is for coming into this world. I try to remember to practice what I learn each week and the next, and the next; however, I tend to forget principles a couple weeks after learning the lesson. SO, I decided I would start a series on my blog to capture what I learn so I can refer back to it.

I not only want to journal about my learning journey, I also have a hard time remembering what video I learn these little tidbits, so I think I will also include the video in my journal entries. I do believe that each time I listen to others explain what they are going through I gain a different perspective of that lesson, but I think I will add the video anyway!

Allow the Universe to Work Out the Details.

So, I am a problem solver at heart. I even like to think about ways to solve others issues which I think is what makes me so great at my work. The idea that our desires of better should not be accompanied by our efforts somewhat drives me crazy; however, we are not helping our situation when we try to make things happen.

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