I started selling project bags on Etsy in late 2019. I know many bag makers offer a bag of the month (BOTM) club, but I really never thought, up to now, I would be offering a subscription service. For one, I am a single business owner, so I want to make sure I can manage inventory in my shop.

Keeping Up With Inventory

When I say I want to make sure I manage inventory in my shop, I want to say I absolutely love buying fabric and making bags. With a busy schedule, I actually feel I am getting quality time when I get in my shop to sew bags. One of the things I love about making bags for my customers is the practice of focusing on detail. See, I want my customer to receive their bag and see quality in every inch of the product. So, managing inventory includes being able to take time to focus on the detail of each and every bag. I really do mean “handmade from the heart” in each one.

My Success Belongs to My Customers

One of the things I find important as a bag-maker is striving to stock products customers need and want. Every success I experience in my shop comes from paying attention and caring what my customers want in a project bag. For example, I begin including lined zippers about a month ago in all my bags because a customer mentioned she preferred this in her project bag. Of course, I complied not only in the 15″ X 15″ project bags with lined zippers, but I felt if this one detail were important to one customer then this makes a better quality bag. So, I made the decision to take this step with all my bags.

I think I got my first request around the end of August 2020 for a bag size large enough to fit an 11″ Q-Snap. At the time, the largest bag I offered on a regular basis in my shop were the 14″ x 12.5″ which includes a notions bag. Unfortunately, these bag are pretty good size but a tight fit for larger size Q-Snaps. Now, I make 15″ X 15″ bags on a regular basis, and I always run out within two weeks of placing them in my shop.

Bi-Monthly Bag of the Month

I notice other bag makers offering BOTM clubs, but I always felt since they were making bags for a lot longer I needed to wait for a while to gain more experience. However, a regular customers approached me asking if I could work someting out to where she could just receive a bag every other month on a regualr basis.

I am a researcher at heart, so in my pass time I explored avenues I would need to take to establish a subscription service for my customers when I felt ready. With this custom request, I had a pretty good idea how I would manage the reoccurring purchase and shipping. After successfully putting everything together, my customer is now receiving her bags on a regular basis.

I made the decision to open up a few more slots for other customers who might want to receive the 15″ X 15″ project bag. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity since only a few openings are available, you can find the order link here and get on board!

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