I read an article relating to Ten Characteristics of a good company. I have to say that the last couple of days, I feel I achieved an epiphany about my business. Owning a business is more than being successful to say the least. In this article, I explain that caring about your customer is to me the most important ingredient to enjoying a thriving business.

I took the plunge about three months ago, and I opened a business on Etsy selling project bags to customers that enjoy cross stitch and quilting. Some may look at these bags and just see the fabric, vinyl and a zipper. But to those of us that stitch, we say these bags are next to the most important tool in our amour.

When I decided to share my excess of project bags I created, I was so nervous. Not that no-one would like them, but I was worried that the bags would not be good enough for my customers. I would sit hour after hour making these bags, scrutinizing every stitch.

I continued for weeks improving each bag with one concern; that my customer would not only like their purchase but enjoy using their bag for months to come. Sure, I want to be financially independent; who doesn’t? But, I can say that I do not feel pressured about my business except to continue to provide my customer with a decent product (Solomon, 2019).

This morning, I realized that regardless if I ever become financially independent I know that the product I provide my customer is worth every dime they pay. I even make sure to ask myself if I am being fair in my prices. I push myself to make sure I am doing what I need to do to make my business a success, don’t get me wrong. A rabbit hole does exist here. For example, one can easily want to wander over to see what competitors are doing especially with their prices, but I can tell you I do not spend much time there. I have repeat customers, and I finally feel confident in the design I make now.

At first, I felt the pressure to put more and more products in my shop. However, I could not deny the drive to make my project bags the best I felt they could be. Now, I feel confident that the bags I sale in my shop are complete in quality design, so I can move forward with another product I think my customers will need and enjoy.

According to Lucjan Kierczak (2019), Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors to business success. With continued customer satisfaction, customers could become “brand ambassadors.” (para. 1). Not only is customer satisfaction important to a business’ success but is also beneficial to a business (Kierczak, 2019; NBRI, 2019). One of the things Kierczak (2019) also says is customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is something we need to continue to maintain.

No matter what pressure you feel in business, as long as you keep customer satisfaction at the forefront everything else will fall into place. I believe strongly in this from my experience in business this far and will continue to put my customer first regardless of whether my business is popular or has the latest marketing campaign. Oh, I know marketing is important, and I will discuss this topic in my next post.

If you enjoyed this post maybe you will consider sharing it with your friends. A little self promotion is I invite you to visit my etsy shop and see what you think of my product.

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